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I'm a self-taught photographer, I was born and raised in Peru, I moved to Canada in 1989. I was interested in photography from the age of 14 when I first got my hands on my father's Leica.

Viewing the world through a lens gave me a complete different perspective of my surroundings. I have been carrying a camera ever since.

I have the urge to stop time in front of me and share my experiences.

The pause in time gives me the ability to reflect, we are surrounded by an immense space that keeps changing, so I can experiment with it and  place it back in front of everyone who did not noticed.

I'm influenced by the rich experimental film scene in Toronto and my various 

travels abroad; they have forged my sensitivity for the environment that surrounds me.

I'm constantly looking for photographic subjects in the streets where society and the richness of the cultural landscape converge.


Group Exhibitions:

  • New Horizons at Columbus Centre in Toronto curated by the Patron of Peruvian Art (2010)

  • Pix Film Gallery, Toronto (2016)

  • Gallery 1313, Toronto, with Spectra Group for Contact Photography Festival 2019

  • 365 exhibit at Gallery 44, Toronto, (2018 and 2019)

  • Low-Res Show organized at Gallery44, Toronto (2019)

  • Spectra Show (2020) at Gallery 1313, Toronto, for Contact Photography Festival 2020

  • Covid-19 Portraits at Gallery 1313, Toronto, (2020) Virtual show

  • Coming Home at Gallery 1313, Toronto, (2020) Virtual show

  • Brave New World at Gallery 1313, Toronto, (2020) Virtual Show 

  • Altered Images at Hand at Propeller Art Gallery, Toronto (2021)

  • Caral Invisible at Gallery 1313 (2021) for Contact Photography

  • Land of Memory at Artscape Younge place (2021) for Contact Photography


Lili Schneider

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